Thursday, April 4, 2024

Bigsby B16 done (54)

Done, and have the right feeling, great work by Guitarmakers that had to fiddle a lot to make the roller bridge work since it was the standard plate and bridge before, so.....Like it, a lot!

It will maybe be for sale, but not really sure now, it is kind of perfect now...and to let it go will maybe just make me regret that later on......If I know myself....


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Bigsby B16 soon to be on one....

With a help now from GuitarMakers here in Stockholm,Sweden,that have a great workshop at Lundagatan and that I hope will fit the shoes from my late Anders regarding the fine-tuning and other works needed on my guitars , now one is on the table for a Bigsby B16, one go the best looking tremolos I think, and would be great on this one.

Looking forward to get this in my hands for a test and make sure the passion is there and the guitar in the best feeling possible, as all my guitars need to be...good looking, but seriously best to play on......

Monday, December 11, 2023

Telecaster item

Just had to apply that good looking "Chet Atkins" tremolo arm on the Bigsby, I am satisfied with this, big time as it also feels better then the standard one with Bigsby tremolos ..

 I am now picking up the artwork guitars again, even as I have so hard to sell anyone of them, they get almost friends , and just doing them is enough for me, the exhibitions is more painful then fun, but now when Anders is in heaven and I am still here, let's just do them as long it is you get that right feeling.....

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Item Hagstrom

Number 115 ( it is not my 115 th guitar made, just the numbers rolling on in my works, the most I don´t feel satisfied when done and then I start from scratch with it, so you get a point how many works are deleted....).Well,  This one is actually a guitar from 1959-1960 or about, I bought about 1976-79 and just had it and in a early mode in about 1982 I did start to get rid of all perloid and sissy things.. ( since that was a ugly thing I tought then....well, I´m a idiot sometimes...) I did left it in the house we lived in that time,a house that was bought by a friend to us,Johan,and this summer, about 30 years later I finally visit the house to see what happened there,and he was at home and it was a great reunion talk for some hours. Just when I was to leave he mentioned that I had a guitar still there, I could not really remind me that I had, but he insisted and after a while he walks out with this Hagström and I recall everything, but it was as I left it, stripped down in the bones and been laying pushed away all this time.I had it back and just get in the mood to make a art guitar of it. Struggling to get orginal parts ( and did get info that I had wrecked a 1959-60 unique model that has a solid body, not the later standard´s that was hollow), finally I could put on the Absolut bar that evening..., a heroic work by Anders Thidell to the last minute made it....I just love this one, and its actually sounds great!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Laurin´s Lada, Burgsvik Gotland

2 Guitars with paintings and 2 paintings exposed at Laurin´s´lada in Burgsvik, Gotland Sweden until
13th July.
Also other artists are there and worth a visit if you are in Gotland

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gallery Draken 12-24 Apr Stockholm 2014

A vernissage at Gallery Draken, östralånggatan 25 Gamla Stan, Stockholm, welcome Open 11-17 every day

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The lounge vernissage, a absolute evening....

A very nice evening at Atelier, absolut company lounge in a old bank house, fantastic interior and design.This was a invitation only evening with guests.10 guitars was exposed and also the latest Hagström guitar, a guitar I have owned since about 1974 and was almost forgotten, but now it´s back in re-designed shape.