Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Item Hagstrom

Number 115 ( it is not my 115 th guitar made, just the numbers rolling on in my works, the most I don´t feel satisfied when done and then I start from scratch with it, so you get a point how many works are deleted....).Well,  This one is actually a guitar from 1959-1960 or about, I bought about 1976-79 and just had it and in a early mode in about 1982 I did start to get rid of all perloid and sissy things.. ( since that was a ugly thing I tought then....well, I´m a idiot sometimes...) I did left it in the house we lived in that time,a house that was bought by a friend to us,Johan,and this summer, about 30 years later I finally visit the house to see what happened there,and he was at home and it was a great reunion talk for some hours. Just when I was to leave he mentioned that I had a guitar still there, I could not really remind me that I had, but he insisted and after a while he walks out with this Hagström and I recall everything, but it was as I left it, stripped down in the bones and been laying pushed away all this time.I had it back and just get in the mood to make a art guitar of it. Struggling to get orginal parts ( and did get info that I had wrecked a 1959-60 unique model that has a solid body, not the later standard´s that was hollow), finally I could put on the Absolut bar that evening..., a heroic work by Anders Thidell to the last minute made it....I just love this one, and its actually sounds great!